Work reports

Working hours report

This report presents a summary of working hours. Hours are split up into total work hours, hours at weekly overtime rate, and hours at daily overtime rate.

Report template

You can select one or more specific users or projects to be displayed on your report.

Time registration and adequate reporting

Timetrack is comprehensive and functional reporting system, also still easy to use.

Standard reports

Work hours
It is a standard report where the given information is readable, clear and understandable. It describes how many hours per day each user is recording.
The report contains data explaining when the time registration started and stopped, and the total number of registered hours.
If needed, the user can indicate the beginning and the end of workday, and the workday length. The graphical overview shows who didn’t register time according to guidelines.

Work hours day grouping
This time report is similar to work hours but it has a different layout where users are grouped by day. It can come in useful in reports with multiple users of timetrack.

Projects and project members
It’s a vast report which contains users and projects and sub-projects if they exist. The report calculates number of hours spent on the project (splitted by user, project and subprojects).

My hours on projects
It is a basic report which shows user’s registered hours on all projects grouped per day.